Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Pro-Tournament

This tournament is only for experienced players!
You fight against each other in thrilling 1vs1 matches to claim the title of “best NCON-Smasher”.

  • The tournament has the Double Elimination format. You are only eliminated from the tournament after two lost Sets.
  • One Set consists of one Best of Three. This means you have to win two out of three matches to continue to the next round.
    • In the Winners Final, Losers Final and in the Grand Finals the Sets consist of Best of Five. Here, you have to win three out of five matches.
  • Do you enter the Grand Finals, but you lost on set in the course of the tournament, you have to win two Best of Five to be the winner of the tournament.


  1. Who strikes Stages? For this you play a round of Rock-Paper-Scissors. The winner can start with the Striking-Procedure. (Alternatively you can agree on a Starter-Stage. [Stage-agree])
  2. Strike Starter-Stages. Striking follows 1-2-1. This means: the winner of the Rock-Paper-Scissors strikes one stage, the loser strikes two stages, then the winner chooses one of the remaining stages which will be used for the match.
  3. Choose fighters. For this both players either choose their fighters at the same time, or they choose the Double Blind Pick method. (Both players write the name of the fighters on a piece of paper and show it to each other.)
  4. Play First Match.
  5. Winner strikes two Stages. Out of the full pool of the nine available Stages.
  6. Loser chooses a Stage. This can be from now on a Counterpick-Stage. (“Dave’s Stupid Rule” is to follow! Explanation below.)
  7. Winner chooses Fighter.
  8. Loser chooses Fighter.
  9. Play Next Match.
    (Repeat steps 5 to 9, if there is a following match.)

Allowed Stages

• Starter
Final Destination
Lylat Cruise
Pokémon Stadium 2

• Counterpick
Kalos Pokémon League
Town & City
Unova Pokémon League
Yoshi’s Story


Name: NCON Pro
Stocks: 3
Time Limit: 7:00
FS Meter: Off
Spirits: Off
COM-Level: (not relevant)
Damage Handicap: Off
Stage Selection: Anyone
Appearing Items: None (all Items off)
Stages in Random Stage Selection: (not relevant)

Additional Rules
First to: 1 Win
Stage Morph: Off
Stage Hazards: Off
Team Attack: On
Launch Rate: x 1,0
Underdog Boost: Off
Pausing: No
Score Display: Off
Show Damage: Yes

Additional Rules

  • All Fighters including DLC are allowed.
    • A DLC-Fighter is not allowed, if it is only released one week before the event.
  • Mii-Fighters are allowed, the special moves should be labeled in the name. (e.g. “2212”)
  • “Dave’s Stupid Rule” is activ: The player must not choose a stage if he already won a match on it in the same Set.
  • Timeout-Rule
    • If the time runs out and both players have the same amount of stocks left, the fighter with the lower % wins.
    • If there is a tie in %, you play a 1-Stock match, 3 minutes, same stage and fighter.
  • Stalling
    • (Endless-)Combos are only allowed up to 300%.
    • Glitches are forbidden.
    • Not-playing on purpose is forbidden.
  • Home Button
    • Pressing of the Home Button as well as Pausing the game counts as Game Loss, unless there is a reasonable cause.
  • Coaching is forbidden
    • During a Set people from the outside are neither allowed to communicate with the players nor give tips.
  • Players must be able to play and finish their Sets on their own.
    • In case of doubts you can ask a tournament-“Orga” for help.