Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Fun-Tournament

This tournament is for less experienced smashers, that just crave for some fun rounds.


  • If possible, you will be distributed in groups of four and play a given number of games per round.
  • The two best players of each group move on to the next round. (This can differ depending on the number of participants.)
  • This will be determined by the placing system. (Place 1 gets 1 point, Place 2 gets 2 points, …) Thus, the players with the least points can continue.
    • Should one or more players have the same score after all fights of a round, they will play in a sudden death match with 1 stock, 2 minutes, same fighters.
  • Who will have the least points in the finals will win the tournament!
  • Number of rounds and fights per round*:
    • Preliminaries: 3 fights
    • Quarter-finals (>20 players): 3 fights
    • Semi-finals: 5 fights
    • Finals: 7 fights


Name: NCON Fun
Stocks: 2
Time Limit: 3:00
FS Meter: Off*
Spirits: Off
COM-Level: (not relevant)
Damage Handicap: Off
Stage Selection: Random, all on
Appearing Items: Medium (Check Excluded Items!)

Additional Rules
First to: 1 Win
Stage Morph: Off
Stage Hazards: On
Team Attack: Off
Launch Rate: x 1,0
Underdog Boost: Off
Pausing: On
Score Display: Off
Show Damage: Yes

Excluded Items*

  • Master Ball
  • Dragoon Parts
  • Daybreak Parts
  • Heart Container
  • Fairy Bottle
  • Super Star
  • Gust Bellows
  • Smoke Ball
  • Beetle
  • Boss Galaga
  • Special Flag
    Stages in Random Stage Selection: All

Additional Rules

  • All fighters including DLC are allowed.
    • If on or more fighters are not unlocked on your tournament setup that are indispensable for one or more players, you can ask the tournament-“Orga” for a redistribution.
  • Mii-Characters are allowed, the special moves should be labeled in the name. (e.g. “2212”)
  • Sudden Death
    • As soon as the time runs out and both players have the same amount of stocks, the current fight will be decided via Sudden Death.
  • Stalling
    • (Endless-)Combos are only allowed up to 300%.
    • Glitches are forbidden.
    • Not-playing on purpose is forbidden.
  • Pause and Home Button
    • Pause on purpose or pressing of the Home Buttons with the covert goal of manipulating the game to your own advantage is forbidden.
  • Players must be able to play and finish their fights on their own.
    • In case of doubt you can call a tournament-“Orga” for help.

*: These settings can change on the day of the tournament.