Test and Hygiene Concept


Each participant must be able to present a COVID-19 antigen rapid test updated on the day of the event (max. 24 hours old at the time of entry to the event site) at the start of the event. Valid for this purpose are tests of an official testing center (“citizen tests”) or those obtained from the organizer for a fee and performed under supervision.

Proof of “citizen testing” is done by QR code scan, by mail or by official document.

For participants from Switzerland there will be a reliable special solution. If you are coming from Switzerland, please contact the orga in advance.


Appeal to all participants NOT to show up sick at the event, means:

  • If you feel bad, weak or sickly before or at the event, do yourself and your fellows a favor and cure yourself at home or start your journey home early on your own responsibility.
  • The organizers reserve the right to send participants home if they do not comply with this appeal!

Rules of Cleanliness

Appeal to all participants: pay attention to certain rules of cleanliness on your own responsibility, means:

  • Keep your place clean as far as possible
  • Uses the various disposal facilities of the hall (buckets, garbage bags, etc.).
  • Disinfectant is always available for own use
  • No masking or spacing rules apply inside the hall, but still try to be prudent with your fellow humans and hall inventory (sneeze into the crook of your arm or turn away; wash your hands regularly; leave restrooms clean, etc.).


  • The hall is completely aired every 2-3 hours
  • Restrooms are checked periodically, trash cans are emptied, and adequate toilet paper, paper towels, soap, and sanitizer are provided. However, disinfectants are NOT a substitute for hand washing.

Due to official requirements, these rules may change at short notice until the start of the event.