General Information

What awaits you at the NCON?

NCON is a meeting point for videogame enthusiasts, especially for Nintendo Games. But also Xbox- and Playstation-fans can enjoy this event. There will be tournaments, a lot of talking and even more laughing. NCON is THE meeting point for all gamers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxemburg (as well as all other countries).

The NCON e.V. is dedicated to the promotion of video games as cultural treasures and this is the way how the participants of the NCON live this weekend, they enjoy video games in their purest form together with friends.

How everything began

We started in 2002 with 20 participants, back then in the St. Angela Gymnasium in Bad Münstereifel. Four times it took place in the “Hallenbad” in Wolfsburg, a former indoor swimming pool. Here, 120 gamers spent their time during an entertaining weekend. During the event the TVs and consoles were installed inside the old swimming pool. Since 2012, NCON takes place in the “sauerländischen” Meschede. Also in this year we again await up to 100 gamers from all over Europe. Look forward to a very entertaining weekend.

NCON  & N-Warp

Also this time we will stick with the reliable concept of providing thrilling tournaments and attractive prices in combination with giving you the possibility to meet other gamers. Besides the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo 3DS all consoles and handhelds, which Nintendo released during the last decades, are present. In the last years we had the most exotic hardware and software products on our events, like 64DD, the Virtual Boy or R.O.B. Obviously also consoles of other companies like Xbox One or Playstation 4 are welcome, but during the tournaments and the side events the focus lies on Nintendo.

As always we warmly welcome old veterans as well as newbies that just started gaming with Switch/Wii(U) and (3)DS. Also the regulation to only make the NCON available for people with a minimum age of 18 still remains during this year. It allows us to provide you with a relaxed event that is not torn appart by different FSK-rooms (this is a German age rating organization). The average age is nowadays 28. NCON connects generations, by now even “full-age children” of participants belong to the events.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon!