When and where does the event take place and how much do I have to pay for it?
The NCON18 takes place 04.-06. October 2019 in the Schützenhalle St. Severinus, Mescheder Str. 22 in 59872 Calle close to Meschede. The weekend-ticket** (Friday till Sunday) costs 30€ and the Saturday-ticket is 15€.

*The price for the weekend-ticket can be paid by bank transfer till 27.09.2019. After this point in time only a payment in cash at the event is possible and we charge an additional fee of 5€. (The Saturday-ticket is not affected by this.)
** The weekend-ticket contains a pledge over 5€ that will be handed back latest 90 minutes after the official end of the event for helping with the cleaning of the facility.

I have made the payment, however I did it after the deadline. What can I do now?
Notify us by sending an e-mail and on the day of the event please bring with you the payment verification and 5 euros for the additional fee.

Can I pay at the place of the event as well?
Yes, you can pay there, but only in cash and you have to pay an extra fee of 5 euros (The price for the Saturday ticket is not affected by this fee.)

On this website there is information about NCON and N-Warp. What is the difference between them?
The N-Warp usually takes place in late spring (May, June) and is mainly focused on retro consoles (NES to Gamecube), the NCON in fall (September, October) is targeting newer consoles.
That doesn’t mean that you can’t bring your Switch to N-Warp or your NES to NCON. This is just a rough orientation of the events and is more related to the organized tournaments (but sometimes there are deviations as well 😉 ).

Is there an age limit?
The minimum age to participate in the event is 18 years old.

How does it work with the overnight stay?
There is a sleeping room as well as a gymnastic hall, that can be used for the overnight stay. There is a very small number of gym mats available, however it is advisable to bring an air mattress or something comparable. If you are sensitive to noises, we recommend you to bring earplugs.

Is free Wi-Fi available at the event?
During the time of the event we will provide free Wi-Fi. However, we cannot guarantee a certain band width, so use your private phone data if you need a stable connection. The quality of your mobile internet is strongly dependent on your provider, the best network coverage for speach and LTE is in the German D1-Netz. Check this before you come with a network coverage map of your provider.

Is there an ATM in the place of the event?
Unfortunately not any more. The next ATM is in Meschede, you can get there by car. Therefore, better bring enough cash with you.

What about shopping groceries?
The closest supermarkets are in Meschede and Freienohl, you can arrive to these places in a few minutes by car. For the first day, better bring with you some food and snacks for dinner as well as some drinks. Carpools can be organized. Speak to the organizers or the helpers, the people with a RED shirt 🙂

What do I need to bring to the event?
You will need your identity card to prove your age for the admission to the event. For the night, it is recommended to bring a sleeping bag and an air mattress. Since there is no ATM in Calle, please bring enough cash (entry, 2x pizza orders, etc). We have prepared a “pack list”, further down this page, to give you more ideas of what to bring.

What is it included with the fee?
The weekend ticket enables you to participate in the event and the tournaments. For Saturday and Sunday there will be a breakfast, with fresh bread, cold meat and fruits. The Saturday ticket permits participation in the Saturday tournaments. The pizza order on both evenings is NOT included in the event fee.

Is there a possibility to take a shower?
Yes, there is a shared shower, but you can also use it alone. The use is for free.

How is the parking situation?
Directly in front of the building is a big, free parking slot.

I don't have a car, what is the best way to arrive to the event by public transportation?
The closest train station is in Meschede. In case you arrive with the train, report this in advance to the organizers, via email or Discord, so that we can organize to pick you up. There exists a bus connection from the train station to the “Schützenhalle” in Calle, however the bus travels very few times per day.

It is the first time that I come to any of these events. Can you give me a tip?
It is nice that you want to participate in one of our events. Contact us at the beginning of the event at the “Orga-Tisch” (it is usually directly on the left of the entry when you enter through the main door to the hall). We will show you the place and gladly answer all your questions. Or for later: the people with RED shirts (organizers and helpers) answer your questions throughout the event.

I don't have consoles or I can't bring them with me. Does it make sense for me to come at all?
The participation in the tournaments is for everyone. You don’t need to bring your console or a controller. Besides of the tournaments you always can find someone to play with: just ask. We will provide one station with NES- and SNES-mini, there you can relive old classics. Therefore, the short answer to your question is “yes”.

I go by train so I can't bring my TV with me. Is it possible to still connect my console to a TV at the place?
The majority of the TVs from the club are used for the tournaments. However, in the time between you can use one of them for your console. At some tournament stations we will have docks for Switch consoles ready for you.

Packing list - What should I bring?
– Cash for the participation fee (if not transferred), 2x pizza orders, etc.
– Personal identification card
– Sleeping bag and air mattress
– Earplugs
– Shower stuff, towel, hygiene products
– Multi power sockets
– Consoles, etc. (especially if you have specified this when registering for tournaments)
– Stickers to label your consoles, controllers, etc
– Meals / Drinks (supermarkets can be reached by car/ carpool)
– Cutlery and reusable cups (lending possible)

I couldn't find an answer to my question here – who can I contact?
The fastest way to reach us and the community is by registering to our Discord server [https://discord.gg/NhYYsN6]. With @Orga or @Helper you can reach us directly. You can also send an email to info@ncon.org, but please understand if we can replay only a few days later.